Send Bulk Tokens and NFTs in Minutes

Step 1

Connect to your Metamask wallet using the correct chain associated with the token you want to send. If you are on the wrong page, you will be notified to use the correct tool related to the suitable chain.

Step 2

Enter the token contract address from which you will send the tokens and fetch the information. Follow the same format to avoid errors that may occur. Limit distribution to a maximum of 500 addresses.

Step 3

Copy and paste the destination wallet address(s) with the number of tokens to send and then parse. Enter the total amount of tokens you will send and then approve of allowing your wallet to interact with the contract.

Bulk Token Sender Case Studies

Case StudyDescription
Payroll ManagementA manufacturing company with over 500 employees needed an efficient way to distribute salaries in cryptocurrency. With Bulk Token Sender, they were able to securely and quickly distribute payments to their employees, saving time and money on gas fees and reducing the risk of errors or fraud.
Tokenized Real Estate TransactionsA real estate investment company wanted to tokenize their property and distribute tokens to investors. Bulk Token Sender provided an easy way to manage and distribute the tokens to a large number of investors, ensuring a transparent and efficient transaction process.
Charitable DonationsA non-profit organization wanted to accept cryptocurrency donations from their supporters. With Bulk Token Sender, they were able to receive and manage multiple donations securely and efficiently, ensuring transparency and accountability in their transactions.
Membership ManagementA sports club needed to distribute membership tokens to their members. Bulk Token Sender provided a seamless solution for managing and distributing tokens to a large number of members, reducing the risk of errors and improving efficiency.
Rewards ProgramAn e-commerce platform wanted to create a rewards program for their customers using cryptocurrency. Bulk Token Sender provided an efficient way to manage and distribute rewards to a large number of customers, improving customer retention and engagement.
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