Send Bulk Tokens and NFTs in Minutes

Step 1

Connect to your Metamask wallet using the correct chain associated with the token you want to send. If you are on the wrong page, you will be notified to use the correct tool related to the suitable chain.

Step 2

Enter the token contract address from which you will send the tokens and fetch the information. Follow the same format to avoid errors that may occur. Limit distribution to a maximum of 500 addresses.

Step 3

Copy and paste the destination wallet address(s) with the number of tokens to send and then parse. Enter the total amount of tokens you will send and then approve of allowing your wallet to interact with the contract.

Our Solutions for Blockchain Based Assets (NFTs & Tokens)

Token CreatorCreate tokens for various purposes.
Bulk Membership SenderSend bulk membership invitations to a large group of users.
Bulk Campaign SenderSend bulk campaigns to reach a wide audience.
Secure Bulk PaymentsProcess secure bulk payments for transactions.
Bulk NFT SenderSend NFTs in bulk to multiple recipients.
Batch Token TransferTransfer tokens to multiple addresses at once.
Loyalty Reward SenderSend loyalty rewards to a group of users.
Bulk Document SenderSend documents in bulk to multiple recipients.
Bulk ID VerificationVerify IDs in bulk for authentication purposes.
Bulk File TransferTransfer files to multiple recipients in bulk.
Bulk Message SenderSend messages to a large group of users in bulk.
Bulk Token MintingMint tokens in bulk for various purposes.
Bulk Token AirdropsDistribute tokens to a large number of addresses in bulk.
Bulk Token SwapsExchange tokens in bulk through a swap mechanism.
Bulk Token QueryRetrieve information about multiple tokens in bulk.
Bulk E-ticket Issuing ToolIssue e-tickets to a large number of recipients in bulk.
Bulk Certificate Issuing ToolIssue certificates to multiple recipients in bulk.
Bulk Invoicing ToolGenerate and send invoices to a large number of customers in bulk.
Bulk Registration ToolRegister multiple users or entities in bulk.
Bulk Bill Sender ToolSend bills or invoices to a large group of recipients in bulk.